Monday, January 18, 2016

Maple Whiskey and Coca Cola Ribs

This one was a home-run. My wife still talks about these ribs. If you didn't know that you could soak ribs in Coke before smoking them, you're welcome in advance. Your life is about to change. I'll probably be posting a ton of different rib recipes, but this one is probably the #1 choice. So print this out or take a screen shot. Crack a beer. Let's spend today working on these ribs together!
You should text me a picture when they are done! Haha. These ribs were from Land And Sea in Tampa- an amazing meat market!

Prep Time: 10 Minutes 
Marinade Time: At least 4 hours. 
Cook time: 6-7 Hours

1 rack or more of St. Louis style or Pork Spare Ribs
Dry rub of your choice. For these I used John Henry Sugar Maple Rub
1 bottle Hickory BBQ Sauce. Any brand is fine. 
5 ounces Maple Whiskey 
2 cans of Coca Cola
1 aluminum cooking pan
1 roll aluminum foil 

Step 1 - Set your ribs out on a cutting board so they can work their way to room temperature. (Much easier to remove membrane from back of ribs if they are close to room temp.

Step 2 - Once ribs are not so cold, flip them over and remove the membrane from backside. The easiest way to do this is to insert a knife in between the second and third rib bone at the top. Peel back a little with knife, then grab that piece with a dry paper towel and pull. The dry paper towel will make it easier to grip. DO NOT SKIP REMOVING THE MEMBRANE!

Step 3 - Place ribs in aluminum roasting pan and douse in BBQ Rub of your choice. Let them sit for 30 minutes, or until all rub is absorbed into rib and looks wet.

Step 5 - Pour 1 can of Coca Cola into the pan. Wrap top of pan with aluminum foil and place in frdge until morning.

Step 6 - Decide what time tomorrow you want these magic ribs to be done. Plan on 6-7 hours of cook time. So, if you want them at 1pm, better be up at 6am! Throw your woodchips in some water and let them sit overnight.

Step 7 - Good morning! Let's get to it! Go prep the smoker. I like to get it hot, then use my Grill daddy brush to clean the grates.

Step 8 - Add soaked wood chips to smoker. Get the temperature on smoker stable at 225 degrees,

Step 9 - Remove ribs from soaking pan. Place directly on the grates in smoker. DO NOT THROW AWAY THE PAN OR MARINADE! Set aside for later.

Step 10 - Set a timer for 2 hours. Try not to open smoker unless you need to add water, more woodchips, or something. If you're looking, you ain't cooking!

Step 11 - Its been 2 hours! Place ribs back into the pan they marinated in. Add 1 can coca cola and pour maple whiskey over the ribs. Wrap top of pan tightly with aluminum foil. Put wrapped ribs back into smoker.

Step 12 - Set a timer for 2 hours. Don't open smoker unless you need to add chips or water.

Step 13 - Almost there! If it's been 2 hours, time for the final step! Take pan out of smoker and remove lid. Pour all marinade mixture out of pan. All you want now is ribs in a dry pan.

Step 14 - Add BBQ liberally. Slosh it on. Cover both sides of ribs- and place, uncovered, back into smoker for 1 hour.

Step 15 - It's time! Let's eat! Pull ribs out, place on cutting board, cut, and serve!

Step 16 - Be proud. YOU DID THAT!

For more recipes check www.BBQChris,com . Most of the ingredients I use are linked on the right side of the page. If you are looking to book ANY travel, from rental cars, to hotels, to airfar, check Guaranteed to beat Expedia, Priceline, etc.

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  1. Roger here. This is a legit recipe and can be substituted with root beer also. Roger that

  2. Roger here. This is a legit recipe and can be substituted with root beer also. Roger that