Monday, January 25, 2016

How To Char-Grill The Perfect New York Strip Steak

I won't eat at a steakhouse. Bold words coming from a red-blooded American carnivore, I know. I won't do it. Take me to a steakhouse and I'm ordering the burger.

In the past when I've ordered steaks it killed my dining experience. I end up sitting and comparing the restaurant steak to my own, I start thinking about what that piece of meat would have cost at Land And Sea, (my amazing local meat market), and I regret paying for something I would have had more fun grilling at home. 

The main key to grilling a great steak at home? Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, ever, ever, shut the lid of the grill. Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how to cook one of America's simplest, yet most amazing main dishes, The New York Strip. 

Prep Time: 1 Minute 
Marinade Time: 30 minutes with salt. 
Cook Time: Varies - between 12 and 18 minutes. 

New York Strip Steak 
Kosher or Sea Salt
Canola Grill Spray 

Step 1 - Place steaks on a wood cutting board or plate and add salt. 

Step 2 - Allow steaks to sit roughly 30 minutes, or until salt has liquefied and soaked into the meat. We want the steaks to get close to room temperature before cooking. 

Step 3 - Light grill and heat. Normally I close the lid and turn mine on high for around 5 minutes, then scrape grate with a Grill Daddy or grill brush. 

Step 4 - Lightly spray grates with Grill Spray or Canola Oil. 

Step 5 - Set steaks on grate over flame. 

Step 6 - Allow steaks to char on one side, roughly 4 minutes.

Step 7 - Flip steaks and char opposite side. 

Step 8 - Check meat temperature. Using chart below - decide if steak is ready. 

Step 9 - Let steak rest 5 minutes!

Step 10 - Eat! You did that! 

In the Tampa area- we recommend Land and Sea Market for all of your meat needs! 

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