Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to Smoke A BBQ Brisket (With Pictures)

Oh, the brisket.. the aspiring backyard pit-masters most formidable challenge. So many things can go wrong. How do you make the bark? What is the right temp? Why won't the internal temperature rise? What temp should I smoke at? What do I put on it? Do I brine this thing? Or the one I've experienced the most:

"This thing was supposed to be ready at 3pm! It's been 4 extra hours and the temp is still 165!"

Relax. I got you. I have destroyed many a brisket in my day, and forced down tough, dry briskets at many a buddies BBQ to learn the correct process for smoking a brisket. So let me save you the trouble, and lets do this! The brisket pictured came from Land And Sea, a local meat market you should definitely check out. The owner is passionate about great meat!

Prep Time: 5 Minutes 
Marinade/Brine Time: Overnight 
Cook Time: 10 hours
Target Internal Temp: 202 degrees 

Brisket of your choosing. Look for nice layer of fat on one side. 
Brisket Rub of your choice (I use Meat Church Holy Cow- available to order to the right of the page)
Sea Salt 

Step 1 - Place brisket in large soaking pan.

Step 2 - Cover all sides of brisket heavily with Brisket Rub.

Step 3 - Add 1 inch of water to pan.

Step 4 - Sprinkle Sea Salt and Peppercorns over brisket.

Step 5 - Wrap pan in plastic wrap tightly and place in fridge overnight.

Step 6 - Wake up early!

Step 7 - Prep your smoker and get it stable at 225.

Step 8 - Add soaked woodchips.

Step 9 - Remove brisket from soaking pan and place directly on grate, FAT SIDE UP!

Step 10 - Check temperature regularly. Our target temp is 202 degrees. Many people will argue and
say it is 160- that is INCORRECT. The fats begin to break down around 160 and soak into the meat, This process will cause something called the "stall," because the fat will actually cool the meat as it soaks in. The stall can last up to 4 hours. Do not panic! Don't raise the temp! Let it ride! (Check the image below from my digital thermometer to see how long it takes the temp to increase during the stall! The brisket in this example didn't reach 202 until 9pm!)

Step 11 - Keep waiting! If you pull off before it hits 202 you will never know what perfect brisket tastes like!

Step 12 - Once you hit 202- remove brisket and wrap tightly in aluminum foil. Keep it wrapped for 30 minutes. This will allow the brisket to absorb the rest of the fat and become more moist.

Step 13 - Slice in thin slices against the grain.

Step 14 - Serve. Prepare to have everyone envy your brisket smoking abilities. YOU DID THAT!

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